Shopping List for the Puppy

Getting a new family member in the form of a cute little puppy can be a real challenge for both you and your new family member. Prepare the home and yourself beforehand so the first time will be both more fun and easier.

Keep in mind that all puppies are different and have different ways of exploring and discovering new environments. Let the puppy first get acquainted with his new surroundings and his family, i.e., do not plan excursions and do not take guests home for the first time.

Puppies have incredible energy, so be prepared that the old expression “a dear inconvenience” will fit well.

Shopping List

Leash and Harness/Necklace

Never release the puppy for the first time, but keep an eye on it when you walk. Both leashes, collars, and harnesses are available in custom sizes for puppies, so choose a variety that suits you.

Reflex or Blinking Necklace

It depends on the season, but make sure you are visible in the dark!

Food and Water Bowl

Puppies are inflexible, so choose a stable bowl that is heavier at the bottom, and you will, hopefully, avoid the puppy spilling food and water all over the floor.


Give the puppy some variation and activation! There is everything from soft stuffed animals to durable rubber toys, but keep in mind that no toy is indestructible.

Claw Pliers Get

Used to the puppy at an early age when handling, especially claw clipping can be uncomfortable. Make it a quiet and cozy moment, and feel free to butter a little extra with some good reward.

When you cuddle with your puppy, take the opportunity to caress and play with your paws, and the puppy gets used to the fact that it is not dangerous or hurts.


Same as ball pliers, good exercise for handling.

Chewing Bone

It itches in the teeth and gums when the puppy changes teeth; save the shoes by offering a chewing bone instead.

Bed/Sleeping Place

Although the puppy may be allowed to sleep on the sofa and bed, it can be good for it to have its own sleeping place to get away sometimes.


Check with the breeder what the puppy is eating right now; if you intend to change the feed, wait to wrap up the new food until the puppy has lived with you for about 1-2 weeks, as the first time is sensitive.

Transport Cage or Seat Belt

Make sure that your new family member travels safely with you in the car; you never know when the accident will occur.

Puppy Mat

Very flexible during the night, it can be difficult for a puppy to stay up all night.


Smaller reward pieces for having to practice simple exercises such as “sit” and “lie down.”


Dogs do not need to be washed very often, but it is good to have them at home if the puppy gets very dirty after a walk. Remember that the shampoo should be intended for puppies!

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