How to Secure Your Wifi at Home – Tips and Tricks!

Surely it’s great when everything just works as it should? Yes, if I only knew how speeds, routers, wifi bridges and all that stuff worked, you think. Calm down; there is help. And it’s not very difficult at all. Telenor lists smart and well-used tips and tricks that kick-start your new wifi!

How to Secure Your Wifi at Home

1. How to Choose the Right Speed

It can feel like there is a jungle of speeds to choose from. So for you to find your way in the jungle, there are some key questions you should ask yourself before you click home your new broadband:

  • What do my user habits look like?
  • What are my needs?
  • Is it just me, or are we more people sharing the surf?

Some examples. If you live alone, check your email, and sometimes use social media, you do not need to choose a high speed. If, on the other hand, you stream a lot of series and movies, have several devices connected at the same time, and you are several who share the surf, a higher speed is a better choice.

2. Yes, the Location of the Router Is Important!

What is a good place for a router? Well, it’s not that easy to know. But it’s actually like this: placing the router correctly increases the chances of a successful connection. Place the router high, airy, and open in a room to get the best possible coverage and speed.

For example, place the router on a table, shelf or cabinet – about a meter above the floor surface, preferably close to where the wifi need is greatest. Test yourself! Small changes can make a big difference. Reposition your router from time to time – a new angle can work wonders for a secure and stable connection.

3. Watch Out for the Wifi Barriers

A fully relevant question in the above paragraph will be: why can I not just put the router in the closet? If the router is placed in a cabinet, behind doors or large furniture, there is a risk that the range is affected.

The signals are disturbed, broken, and do not reach with the same force as from a router that is placed correctly. There are more wifi barriers to see upstairs: thick walls, appliances, and other electronic gadgets.

4. Wifi Everywhere, Throughout the Home

Extender, repeater and wifi bridge – dear children have many names. But in this post, we choose to call it a wifi bridge because it figuratively describes what it is – a kind of bridge that extends, strengthens, and stretches the wireless network’s reach.

Maybe you live in a large house with several floors or in a student corridor – then a wifi bridge can be an option to ensure that all floors and rooms have coverage.


Choose the right speed based on your surfing habits, place the router carefully – not in the closet and use a wifi bridge if needed. And remember: the best has not happened yet.

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