GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

Practicing the biggest buck possible is essential if you plan to pursue big bucks in the field. Whitetail bucks weighing 300 pounds are the inspiration for the GlenDel Full Rut Buck 3-D Target. It has a big insert with offset Shooting Zones for long target life and four-sided shooting.

For preventing slivering and keeping layers in place, inserts utilize the same compression mechanism. Broadheads, crossbow bolts, expandables, and field Tips are compatible with the Radius Lock insert.

GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target


The GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target is the largest 3D deer target available in the market. It’s completely full-rut, with a shoulder height of 37″ and a total of 62″ towering above other targets. The rack size is a whopping 150″ B&C antlers!

Replaceable Insert Core

The durable, innovative 3D Target features a replaceable insert core that measures 14″ x 14″ x 14″. The rugged design of this target keeps it firmly grounded while arrows are repeatedly fired.

The four-sided target can have multiple shooting angles, providing both rights and left-handed archers with a realistic 3D archery experience.

Insert Shooting Surface

This full rut buck by GlenDel is the perfect deer target to help you practice for hunting season. The more inserts shot in a 3-D deer target, the more premium surface area that you can shoot down in your backyard or the field.

Compared to other 3-D deer targets, it provides 5-times the shooting area. Again, this target offers more than 1,000 shots of practice and will help you improve your tactics.

PosiLock Compression System

The 150-inch Boone & Crockett rack and 37-inch shoulder make the GlenDel Buck Full Rut a massive 3-D target. This 3-D target is the only one now available with a four-sided shooting insert.

The GlenDel Buck Full Rut is also the only 3-D target with a 4-sided shooting insert now on the market. Besides, the PosiLock Compression System, which is only available from Field Logic, secures the internal open layers and prevents slivering.

The GlenDel Full Rut, like other BLOCK targets, allows field tips, expandables, broadheads, and even crossbow bolts to be easily removed. Removing the GlenDel Full Rut arrow is 3.4 times easier than removing other 3-D targets.

4-Sided Shooting Insert

In addition to providing long-term durability, the multilayer foam insert’s encapsulation allows for 3-different important views from the most common shooting angles.

For the serious bowhunter, this target shows the positioning of vitals from three different shots, including quartering away, broadside, and from a 20-foot treestand at 20 yards.

With this target, archers can practice shooting from three angles to acquire an excellent vital shot, which changes as the deer moves. The insert provides the shooter with an up-close look into the buck’s weak points. This much enhances preparation for the genuine buck.

Open Layered Polyfusion Technology

Archers can now stop arrows with friction rather than force by using a larger, more realistic 3-D target with self-healing surfaces and open, unglued layers. The GlenDel Full Rut target’s four distinct target faces give the archer the chance to practice varied shot angles and conditions while also extending the target’s lifespan.

Furthermore, the GlenDel Full Rut target is simple to set up. A unique Full Rut Stand is included. The stakes are not being pounded. Again, the GlenDel Full Rut head is easily detachable for convenient storage and portability.


This special Target is no ordinary target. It offers multiple layers of protection that are each impervious to a completely different type of arrow, which means you can use every type of bow or crossbow and be confident when you aim at it! This target is penetrable by every kind of arrow.

Easy to Setup

This deer is so realistic-looking, you’ll think you’re hunting in the wild. Polyfusion Technology creates a uniform layer compression that makes arrow removal fast and easy.


Overall, The GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target allows you to practice on a life-size realistic target. The target is 5-times larger than the average archery target and allows you to shoot from various angles.

It is also long-lasting and durable because it comprises high-density foam. Crossbow bolts, field tips, expandables, and broadheads, are all compatible with this target. However, to get more premium 3D archery targets, visit

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