Choose the Best Shell Jacket

Beyond Nordic BN302 3L Hard Shell Jacket

BN302 3L Hard Shell Jacket is a very suitable jacket for an active outdoor life. It works great in bad weather because it is sewn in a 3-layer fabric and equipped with fully taped seams and waterproof zippers.

At the same time, as it is water-resistant and protects against wind, the jacket can breathe well, which makes it suitable for physical activities. With many practical pockets equipped with zippers, you can easily carry things of different sizes with you and at the same time move freely.

The hood is helmet-compatible and can be adjusted with a drawstring to fit perfectly. In addition, the jacket can be rolled up to a minimal size and easily unpacked to take with you on the trip.

Arc’teryx Gore-Tex Jacket Beta SL Hybrid Jacket

Beta Sl Hybrid Jacket is a technically well-developed shell jacket for women and men from Arc’teryx. It is a so-called hybrid jacket, which means a perfect Hardshell and softshell construction mix.

The material consists of two different GORE-TEX to create optimal protection against rain and debris while keeping the weight of the jacket as minimal as possible. The jacket can be compressed to fit in its pocket. The cuffs are adjustable, as is the jacket’s hood, which is also helmet-compatible.

Bergan Letto Jacket

Bergans Letto Jacket is an affordable shell jacket in a 3-layer construction. In addition to front pockets with mesh lining, the jacket is equipped with long zippers under each sleeve, which together create fantastic conditions for good ventilation.

You can easily and flexibly adjust the temperature to the weather and selected activity through the smart ventilation system.

Letto Jacket has an adjustable hood that can easily roll up to become part of the collar – this makes the jacket a perfect alternative to have under a backpack or other layers. The jacket is an excellent choice for an active life out in nature!

Haglofs Roc Spire Jacket

Haglofs Roc Spire Jacket is specifically developed to suit mountain climbers and the long days in the mountains that this entails. It is made of synthetic material and constructed according to the 3-layer principle.

Thanks to the durable GORE-TEX® membrane, the jacket withstands the toughest stresses and also keeps you dry and warm in the meantime!

The hood is adjustable and can be used under a climbing helmet if needed. The rear edge of the hood is further equipped with a RECCO® reflector so that the rescue service can easily find the right one in the event of an accident.

In addition to the most well-positioned pockets on the inside and outside, the jacket has water-repellent ventilation zippers under each sleeve.

Marmot Minimalist Jacket

Minimalist Jacket from Marmot is an ideal shell jacket in a minimalist design, suitable for most forms of adventure! It is made of Polyester together with Gore-Tex Paclite, which ensures good water resistance while it breathes well and maintains a comfortable climate around the body.

The jacket has a fixed, adjustable hood and practical zippers for ventilation under each sleeve. The shell jacket has a comfortable and slightly wider fit and is also equipped with a chin guard in driClime.

Haglofs Spitz Jacket

Haglofs delivers a clean update of the Spitz Jacket, and there is simply not much to complain about. The outdoor jacket is technically well-equipped and an excellent alternative for most adventures, whether it is on the bicycle saddle, in the woods, or up in the mountains.

The jacket has a good water-repellent ability with a three-layer GORE-TEX Pro, while excess heat is transported away from the body when needed.

The well-positioned reinforcements make the jacket durable, and it is also equipped with a RECCO® reflector for location in case of danger. In addition to two spacious chest pockets, the jacket has an inner pocket and an outer pocket on the left sleeve.

Gridarmor 3 Layer Shell Jacket

3 Layer Shell Jacket from Gridarmor is a wind and waterproof jacket in women’s and men’s models. The flexible fit can be adapted to body type and activity, including the waist and cuffs.

It is also equipped with a full-length, two-way zipper, which can be opened from both directions to affect the ventilation effect.

The jacket has been equipped with spacious pockets: two side pockets, an inner pocket, and a chest pocket. Gridarmor 3 Layer Shell Jacket protects in the most challenging weather conditions and is a faithful companion on the hike!

Klattermusen Allgron 2.0 Jacket

All-green 2.0 Jacket from Klattermusen is an all-around jacket that works both in summer and in winter with the help of stock on the stock principle. The Cutan® material is waterproof, durable, and slightly stretchy for maximum comfort and flexibility.

You can control the jacket’s indoor climate yourself thanks to four different ventilation openings. The jacket is further equipped with Duracoat ™ reinforcements to maximize the ability to withstand various types of challenging stresses.

Pockets and hoods are strategically placed so as not to get in the way of the harness during climbing activities. All-green 2.0 Jacket is a jacket to be reckoned with on the climbing trip!

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